For the national coordination of senior citizen IT peer tuition, material production, and advocacy.

The increase in electronic services is creating new challenges for everyday transactions. SeniorSurf activities improve the conditions of independent living for the elderly in a digitalizing society. The material is produced to be used by both tutors as well as the students.

The expansion of the tuition is promoted by nationwide support for the organizers of tuition activities.

The role of senior citizens in a digitalizing society is improved by influencing decision makers and service providers so that the needs of seniors as users are taken into account in the decision-making process and in the development of services.

The nationwide activities are based on a strong network, together we can do more!

Contact information:

Tiina Etelämäki
Chief Specialist
Tel. +358 50 343 5955


Facebook: @seniorsurf.suomi
Twitter: @SeniorSurfSuomi